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Please find a revised doc based on edits that I have received so far from Mercy, Nahla, Ksenija, and Zhongchia. There are a few additional clarifications needed that remain in red font in the doc and that I’ve listed here for your convenience. 


  1. Who approved and who seconded the minutes in October?  I am working on recognizing everyone’s voices but I’m not there yet.  😊


  1. Margaret – can you repeat your update on blackberries?


  1. Someone noted that a lot of US Funding is going to International efforts. Referred to Article in Science – week of August 17.  Who noted this? Mercy and I could not find the article and so this will be deleted from minutes unless the someone can clarify.


  1. Chris Dardick (USDA-ARS) got an approval to hire two scientists soon: 1. Breeding for Pears to focus on rootstocks, and 2. Horticultural position. Nahla’s understanding is that this went to the USDA ARS unit is Wenatchee and it is not clear if rootstock or scion breeding?


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