Dear RosEXEC Members,



On behalf of the RosEXEC Membership & Governance Subcommittee, we would like to nominate you to serve as Secretary of RosEXEC in 2010. The Secretary will be elected through internal electronic voting from all members of RosEXEC with voting privileges. She/he is expected to assist the 2010Vice-Chair (Phil Mcferson) and the Chair (Nahla Bassil) and prepare conference call minutes and meeting minutes and e-mail them to the RosEXEC GDR Administrator to upload to GDR. The secretary will serve a one-year term in 2010, rotate to Vice-Chair for a year in 2011, followed by Chair of RosEXEC in the third year (2012).


All current (new and existing) RosEXEC members, as well as those members who have just rotated off the committee, are being given the opportunity to run for Secretary of RosEXEC.  If you CANNOT serve as secretary of RosEXEC, please e-mail the Membership & Governance Subcommittee chair, Nahla Bassil, by Monday morning, January 4th. Dorrie Main will then notify the RosEXEC members of the candidates for RosEXEC Secretary and conduct electronic voting. Voting for Secretary is expected to occur January 6th-8th. The results will be announced at the beginning of the annual meeting on Sunday, January 10th at 10:00 am, when the secretary will be preparing the minutes of the meeting.


Responsibilities of RosEXEC Officers:



Vice Chair

  Organizational issues

  Nomination and election process

  Dissemination of election results




All three



Best regards,


Nahla Bassil, RosEXEC Membership & Governance Subcommittee Chair

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