Dear RosEXEC,


Thanks for your input, everyone! The voting is now open, and you should have recently received the message via the GDR mailing list.


The consensus for International Liaisons was #4. So we will have two year terms for ILs, with two new people added each year, and two rolling off (Sue and Herman a year from now). Each eligible voter is allowed to cast two votes for ILs (unlike in the past, where we had 4 votes). We have a year to decide whether we allow ILs rolling off to be eligible for candidacy immediately after or if they must wait a year (as we now have for US members).


I didn’t hear back from all nominees, so some of them have not been converted to eligible candidates on the current voting form.


Following the addition of our seven new RosEXEC members (which I will announce at this time next Friday), we will have an internal RosEXEC vote for Secretary. This will start with me finalizing the list of Secretary nominees during the week April 7-11, with your input. And soon after the new members have joined, Gennaro will be chairing our next RosEXEC teleconference. Get your agenda items ready…


Have a great weekend!


Don’t forget to vote!