Greetings from Sunny Florida,


Two points of business:


First, I would like to schedule our next conference call.  Is Monday April 16 at 2 pm EST available? 


Also, who plans to attend ASHS?  Although a complete formal schedule has not been posted, I suggest that we pencil in Tuesday July 17 at 2pm as a tentative time to meet in lieu of our July quarterly conference call.  Feelings?


Thank you,






Kevin M. Folta

Assistant Professor and HHMI Distinguished

Undergraduate Research Mentor

Horticultural Sciences Department and

Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Program

PO Box 110690, 1301 Fifield Hall

Gainesville FL 32611


phone:  352-392-1928 ext 269  office

                                        ext 270 lab


fax:        352-392-5653