Dear RosEXEC,


We have results from the 2017 election. I will send notifications to the newly elected RosEXEC members but wanted to run by you a suggestion Dorrie made. Max was not elected in the second round of nominations and the voting was very close. I agree with Dorrie’s suggestion to invite him to join the committee on phone conference since he is the organizer of next RGC and editor of the Horticultural journal.


We have time to make the decision on this. Enjoy your holidays!


Happy Thanksgiving!





From: Main, Doreen []
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2016 4:02 PM
To: Ksenija Gasic <>
Subject: Results


Hi Ksenija,

In a very close election, here are the winners.


International Liasion: Lee Meisel and Jun Wu

National: Ellen Thompson, Margaret Worthington, Chris Saski, Dario CHavez, Janet Slovin


Max was not elected (very close) and I am wondering if committee would consider asking him to join as the host of the next RGC9 and it would be good to have him on the calls for that part alone (as well as the journal)




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