Dear Rosaceae community members,


This is a final reminder to please cast your vote for RosEXEC membership. Thank you to all of those that already voted and apology for repeated emails.  Voting is ending on November 4th.


Thank you,


Ksenija Gasic

RosEXEC, Chair Elect and Membership Subcommittee Chair in 2016



From: Ksenija Gasic
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2016 3:26 PM
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Subject: RosEXEC 2017 membership election


Dear Rosaceae Community Members:

We are ready to vote on the 2017 candidates for RosEXEC.

Voting begins October 17 and ends October 31st.

Please go to the following web site on GDR to fill out your electronic ballot. You can learn more about any candidates’ background and vision for RosEXEC contribution by clicking on their name.  or

The community will elect five new U.S. members and two new International members to a 3-year term. U.S.-based members vote for both U.S. candidates and International candidates. International community members vote for International candidates only.

This year’s slate is diverse. We encourage you to consider voting to create a leadership group that will appropriately represent the amazing diversity of the Rosaceae community. Current RosEXEC membership can be found at

As a reminder, the mission of RosEXEC is to:

Thanks again to the following U.S. and International members rotating off for their service to our community:


U.S.                                                   International

Gina Fernandez                               Michael Dossett

Briana Gross                                   Riccardo Velasco

Duke Lane

Gregory Reighard

Gayle Volk



Ksenija Gasic

RosEXEC, Chair Elect and Membership Subcommittee Chair in 2016