Dear RosEXEC,


Now that the SCRI proposal writing whirlwind is behind us and we’ve somewhat caught up on those things we put aside while proposal writing, it is well and truly time for a RosEXEC teleconference. The planned date and time is next Wednesday May 27 at 2 pm EDT / 11 am PDT. Please confirm your availability for this date and time (just writing to me [] will suffice – no need to cc to everyone).


To help us plan ahead, I would also like to lock in future RosEXEC teleconferences. I suggest the next ones are held:

-          mid-late July

-          early-mid October

-         early-mid December

...and will choose specific dates for those shortly, so you can book them into your schedule.


A preliminary agenda for next week's teleconference is:


         RosEXEC By-Law changes (regarding membership and elections) and 2010 election scheduling (Nahla)

         Rosaceae SCRI submitted proposals update (Amy, Bert, Dorrie, others)

         Industry-research perspectives and opportunities for 2009 (Jim McF, Phil)

         GRIN Global – need for Rosaceae input (Gayle)

         Whole genome sequences update (Dorrie, Bryon, Amit)

         GDR update (Dorrie)

         RosFORUM (Gennaro)

         Published: Genetics and Genomics of Rosaceae book

         Upcoming: ASHS Conference, including Standardized Phenotyping workshop, Pyrus CGC meeting (Gayle)

         Upcoming: ISHS Markers Symposium (Nahla)

         Upcoming: Apple and Prunus CGC joint meeting in October (Cameron)


Please provide any suggested additions or changes to the agenda.


A call-in number will be provided once the time is confirmed. We may not be able to take advantage of the "free" service provided to date through the USDA (not really free because Gennaro had being paying), so we are looking into alternatives.