Hello RosEXEC,

I would like to express gratitude for the effort that Cameron and Dorrie put into the new elections – they have done a tremendous work!  I would also like to congratulate and welcome the new members – this will be a great opportunity to serve the community.

You will soon see an Email from Cameron and Dorrie about the election of the new secretary.


Since we have the new membership squared away it’s time for a conference call to discuss some business items of RosEXEC.  I would like to see if everybody is available on Friday April 14 at 3:30 PM Eastern or one week later Friday April 18 at 3:30 PM Eastern.  PLEASE indicate if you are available on either of these dates.  I will try to make this a short conference call.

Items on current agenda are:

  1. Election of new secretary (results).
  2. Information article on Fruit Grower and other trade magazines.
  3. Establishment of a forum for publication of small Rosaceae papers (similar to Tomato CGC or Cucurbitaceae CGC)
  4. Progress of Plant Phys opinion paper
  5. Rosecap website (Chris Dardick)
  6. GDR update
  7. Sequencing efforts and consortiums (Strawberry, Apple, Peach)
  8. Conference in Chile – outcomes.


Please let me know if you need to add an item to discuss.  I will send you a toll free number to call for our conference call once a decision on the date is made.


All the best,




Gennaro Fazio, PhD
Apple Rootstock Breeder and Geneticist
Plant Genetic Resources Unit USDA ARS
Cornell University - 630 W. North St.
Geneva, NY  14456
(315) 787-2480 Office
(315) 787-2216  Fax