I too missed the call but I strongly agree with Jay. Remember why RosEXEC was formed in the first place. RosEXEC should not be a gateway for individual proposals but it is essential that we know (in general) what people are doing in order to coordinate larger integrated projects. We undermine ourselves if, for example, in RosCAP we propose to develop SNP profiling tools and someone secretly has already done it. Like Jay said, we are looking for general goals not details.
It was probably discussed during the meeting but I think we should wait for the RFA before making any decisions on RosCAP or other projects.  As far as waiting until 2009 for RosCAP, we would be passing up a big opportunity.

From: Norelli, Jay
Sent: Tue 6/3/2008 12:32 PM
To: Folta, Kevin M.; gf35@cornell.edu; rosexec-list@bioinfo.wsu.edu; Amit Dhingra; Bassil, Nahla; Dardick, Chris; Jim Luby; Volk, Gayle; Sue Gardiner; Jasper Rees; Dan Sargent (EMR); eric.vandeweg@wur.nl
Cc: Bert Abbott
Subject: RE: [ROSEXEC-LIST] Slight Time Change ### RosEXEC Conference call-Date:Monday June 2 Time NOW 4:15 PM Eastern US

Stating your general objectives does not reveal much of your hand.
Does the RosEXEC have no role to play in facilitating the community's response to this granting opportunity?   PIs could choose to not reveal the details of their proposals to other PIs.  If the community is so competitive that we do not even want to reveal our intentions to submit a proposal, can the RosEXEC expect to do much more than periodically revise the White Paper.

From: Folta, Kevin M. [mailto:kfolta@ufl.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 12:07 PM
To: Norelli, Jay; gf35@cornell.edu; rosexec-list@bioinfo.wsu.edu; Amit Dhingra; Bassil, Nahla; Dardick, Chris; Jim Luby; Volk, Gayle; Sue Gardiner; Jasper Rees; Dan Sargent (EMR); eric.vandeweg@wur.nl
Cc: Bert Abbott
Subject: RE: [ROSEXEC-LIST] Slight Time Change ### RosEXEC Conference call-Date:Monday June 2 Time NOW 4:15 PM Eastern US

I could not be on the c-call... inaccessible this week.
I hope that RosEXEC has a minimal role in gatekeeping/organizing etc.  We each know the players and the best way to pursue teambuilding.  Why broadcast our intentions to the rest of the world when they aren't showing their cards?   Especially innovative topics (that may arise) from Rosaceae proposals should be kept under the hat, especially with the short time frame.

From: rosexec-list-bounces@mail.bioinfo.wsu.edu [rosexec-list-bounces@mail.bioinfo.wsu.edu] On Behalf Of Norelli, Jay [Jay.Norelli@ARS.USDA.GOV]
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To: gf35@cornell.edu; rosexec-list@bioinfo.wsu.edu; Amit Dhingra; Bassil, Nahla; Dardick, Chris; Jim Luby; Volk, Gayle; Sue Gardiner; Jasper Rees; Dan Sargent (EMR); eric.vandeweg@wur.nl
Cc: Bert Abbott
Subject: Re: [ROSEXEC-LIST] Slight Time Change ### RosEXEC Conference call -Date:Monday June 2 Time NOW 4:15 PM Eastern US

Hello RosEXEC,
Excellent discussion yesterday.  In our next conference call I suggest we try to focus on resolving some specific questions.  Here are my top 3:
1.  Will the FY08 NRI RoseCAP be submitted to the Specialty Crop Program ?
My read of the discussion was that the NRI RoseCAP would not be submitted to the Specialty Crop Program as a CAP proposal. There were 2 alternatives presented a) it be withheld for submission as a FY09 NRI CAP proposal and b) it serve as the basis for a larger Coordinated Systems Project (CSP).
2.  What role will the RosEXEC play in the Specialty Crop Program grant submission process?
It is clear that there will be several proposals submitted from the Rosaceae community to this program. I do not think the RosEXEC can or should try to be a gatekeeper in the grant submission process. Rather, I think we will better serve the community by functioning as a conduit for communication and community organization.  I suggest that we a) forward information about the Specialty Crop Program to the entire US Rosaceae community through the GDR and b) we request community members to make us aware if they plan to submit a proposal to the program, the type of proposal they plan to submit, and the project objectives. The RosEXEC could then make PIs aware of other members of the community with similar objectives to facilitate team building. The PIs could then determine for themselves if team building makes sense or they wish to submit competing or different proposals.
3. Will the RosEXEC attempt to coordinate the submission of a single CSP from the Rosaceae community or leave it to individual community members to organize their own proposals?
Best regards,
Jay Norelli

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To: rosexec-list@bioinfo.wsu.edu; 'Amit Dhingra'; Bassil, Nahla; Dardick, Chris; 'Jim Luby'; Volk, Gayle; 'Sue Gardiner'; 'Jasper Rees'; 'Dan Sargent (EMR)'; eric.vandeweg@wur.nl
Cc: Norelli, Jay; 'Bert Abbott'
Subject: [ROSEXEC-LIST] Slight Time Change ### RosEXEC Conference call -Date:Monday June 2 Time NOW 4:15 PM Eastern US
Importance: High

Hello RosEXEC,

There were three people that had a slight time problem so if it is OK with the rest of you we’ll start 45 min later.  So same date (Monday June 2) but at 4:15 PM.


I will log on at 3:30 PM just in case someone does not get this Email or if someone needs to communicate something to the group but cannot make it at the later time – trying to be as accommodating as possible.  I appreciate your patience and service.


Below are the instructions for logging in to the conference system – they have not changed from last time.  Talk to you then.


All the best, Gennaro








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