Greetings to All ICGI members!


This is the reminder for those who wish to present at the upcoming PAG-ICGI workshop being held on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 4:00 PM-6:10 PM in Sunset - Meeting House, Town and Country Hotel and Convention Center, San Diego, California (note: our meeting room is changed this year from the previous years!)


Please email us (, your request to present at the PAG-ICGI workshop by October 21, 2015!


Please also note the following PAG abstract information and deadlines:



Each committee-selected workshop speaker will receive an email, after acceptance, with instructions regarding submission of their workshop abstract. The Speaker Abstract Submission Deadline is November 6, 2015.



(Note, we expect to select about 15 poster presenters for 1-minute presentations at the Workshop, like last year)


The Poster Abstract Submissions Deadline is October 30, 2015.

The Poster Abstract Submissions Editing Deadline is November 13, 2015.




At this time, we solicit volunteers and nominations for PAG-ICGI Workshop Speakers. The speakers will be selected from the submitted and nominated talks. Please follow the different instructions below for volunteering yourself or nominating a possible speaker.



A.  Instructions for submitting your volunteered topic and draft abstract:


send an email with the following  SUBJECT LINE: 2016 PAG-ICGI Workshop candidate abstract


to these two email addresses:,


In your email, please include the following components:

1.        Presenter (Your name):  Family_name, First_name

            Institutional affiliation:   ______

2.        Email address(es), separated by a comma.

3.        List of co-authors (draft)

4.        Abstract (draft) -- follow guidelines for PAG, please

5.        Prioritize the ICGI workgroups your work relates most closely (top)

Applied Genomics and Breeding

Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics

Functional Genomics

Germplasm & Genetic Stocks

Structural Genomics


If you do not get a response acknowledging reception of the submission, please inquire!  Note that the Subject Line is important -- we will use it to identify submissions, so we recommend that you use COPY/PASTE to fill in the Subject Line of your email.


We will attempt to make speaker selections by October 26, for speakers to submit their abstracts by November 6.



B.  Instructions for nominating someone else as a prospective speaker:


[1] Confer with the person you think would be an appropriate speaker about availability, their desire to speak (20 minutes) at the Workshop (be sure to mention Sunday January 10 at 4-6pm and the new location, so that they arrive in time), prospective topic title, and willingness if selected (October 26) to provide a finalized abstract to PAG by the deadline (November 6). It would be important to inform that individual that PAG provides no support for travel or any other expenses for Workshop speakers, except as mentioned below. Speakers must register for the Conference and confirm the travel plan (a non-trivial expense).


[2] If the person you wish to nominate confirms their interest, send an email containing with the following SUBJECT LINE: 2016 PAG-ICGI Workshop speaker nomination


to these two email addresses:,


In your email, please explain why this person and topic might be a superb speaker in the ICGI workshop.


If you do not get a response acknowledging reception of the submission, please inquire! Note that the Subject Line is important -- we will use it to identify submissions, so we recommend you use COPY/PASTE to fill in the Subject Line of your email.





Once speakers are added to a workshop, each speaker will be sent an automated email with instructions how to login and post their individual workshop abstract. This form will include an option and instructions for submitting a poster abstract as well. All speakers must register for the conference. Prior to the October 30 deadline, the rates for workshop speakers are the same as attendees. However, workshop speakers are protected from paying the increased rates after October 30. If they are registering late, after October 30, they will need to request a discount code to avoid paying the higher rates. They should send an email to:





After collecting input from everyone, we will share the data and consult with workgroup chairs and co-chairs as best we can to help guide us identifying an attractive set of topics for the 2016 PAG-ICGI Workshop.  Again, we will attempt to arrive at decisions by October 26, for everyone to finalize and submit their abstracts, and if not chosen, to submit a poster instead. (Please note, however, that space for posters is limited, so it might be wise to submit poster abstracts well before October 26). Speakers will be instructed to submit their abstracts by November 6, 2015.




John Yu and David Stelly

Organizer and Co-organizer of 2016 PAG-ICGI Workshop

Dorrie Main, PhD
Associate Professor of Bioinformatics
Department of Horticulture
Washington State University
45 Johnson Hall
Pullman, WA 99164-6414

Tel: 509-335-2774 (office)