Dear ICGI members,

Below is the list of candidates who have accepted nominations for the various ICGI offices.  Candidates, if you wish to post a brief (1 paragraph) statement about your credentials and/or intentions as an officeholder, please email it to Jing Yu by no later than 8 February (, to be posted at the election site.  

Jing, please open the site for votes at your earliest convenience after 8 February, and advise the membership by email of the  url.  

Thanks AP

PS: As I was writing this, I realized that one candidate has been nominated for two offices.  Since this is contrary to our bylaws, I will contact the candidate to determine which office he prefers to run for.  

Co-chair Xiaoya Chen
Co-chair David Stelly
Structural David Fang
Structural Yehoshua Saranga
Structural Mauricio Ulloa
Structural Xian-Long Zhang
Functional Z. Jeffrey Chen
Functional Daniel Peterson
Germplasm Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov
Germplasm Lori Hinze
Germplasm Sukumar Saha
Germplasm Xianlong Zhang
Evol/Comp Wangzhen Guo
Evol/Comp Andrew Paterson
Evol/Comp Junkang Rong
Bioinfo Dorrie Main
Bioinfo Jun Zhu

Andrew Paterson
Regents Professor and Head,
Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory (Dept #398)
University of Georgia
111 Riverbend Road, Rm 228
Athens GA 30605
(for UPS deliveries the zip code is 30605)

Phone 1-706-583-0162; Fax 1-706-583-0160; Email
Web site:

Program Coordinators:
Anne A. Ogden, 706-583-0166,
Melissa D. Brock, 706-583-0161,