Dear ICGI Members,

Please find the outlining steps you need to take to gain access to your ICGI/CottonGen account, to register for ICGI conference, and to check the status of your ICGI conference registration. 

If you forget the password you used for ICGI, following the steps listed at below --

1. Go to CottonGen home page (
2. click on "login" from the up-right corner, this opens the "login" interface
3. click on the tab [Request new password] (on the right of tab [Log in] to get "Request new password" interface
4. Fill in your email address in "request new password" interface
5. Go to your email and checking for an email with Subject as "Replacement login information for xxx at Cottongen" (xxx should be the user name you used when register ICGI membership on the new ICGI web site)
6. Open that email, click on the URL provided by that email for your one time log in, then change your password there.

To register for ICGI 2012 Conference, following these steps --

1. Go to page
2. click on "Login" from the upper-right corner of the page
3. fill in your ICGI user name and password to log in, then you will see your ICGI member profile
4. On the right of your profile page, under "User Quick Links", click on "Register for ICGI 2012 Conference" - now you registered for the conference.

To find out whether you have registered ICGI 2012 Conference, following these steps --

Way A: check your status without login to ICGI:
1. Go to ICGI 2012 Conference Home (
2. Click on "Registered Members" from the lower-left side of the conference home page to get the list of current registered members
3. Check whether your name is on the list (please note the list is arranged in alphabetical order of member's last name)

Way B: check your status with login to ICGI:
1. From your ICGI membership profile, click on "Register for ICGI 2012 Conference" located at upper-right corner
2. If you have registered the conference, you should see a sentence "You are already registered to the ICGI 2012 Research Conference." under "ICGI 2012 Conference Registration".

For more detailed information, please take a look at "CottonGen/ICGI User Tutorial" ( If you have any problems, please contact us using the contact form on the website


The CottonGen/ICGI Development Team