Dear ICGI members,

Please find attached a spreadsheet detailing the election results.  For the Germplasm and Genetic Stocks workgroup, there was a tie.  Since our bylaws do not address this, the steering committee has voted unanimously and the two candidates who are tied have agreed that we will have two co-chairs (along with the chair) of this workgroup for the next two years, who will then serve for another two years as joint chairs.

At risk of sounding like the Academy Awards

To all who voted, thank you for exercising this important right and responsibility.  

To all who ran for office, thank you for offering to serve ICGI.

To newly elected co-chairs David Stelly, David Fang, Daniel Peterson, Sukumar Saha, Xianlong Zhang, Dorrie Main, and me, congratulations, and keep up the good work.  
To the outgoing chairs, thank you for your 4 years (or more) of service.  

To all members, thank you for the privilege of allowing me to serve as Chair for the past two years, a time that was of singular importance in my own cotton research. As the new co-chair of Comparative and Evolutionary Genomics, I look forward to joining Richard Percy as another former chair who continues to serve via workgroups, in support of Tianzhen Zhang who succeeds me as Chair, and yet another former chair David Stelly who will re-assume the Chair in 2015.