In the webinar presented Wednesday by Monica Poelchau, (link to the webinar recording:, she mentioned a couple of things in the announcements portion that I wanted to follow up on.
  • Through the generous support of Dorrie Main, AgBioData will have a workshop and virtual booth at 2021 ASPB.  The video ( has details about and booth and the URL to sign up for space at the booth can be found here:
    Marcela K. Monaco sent an email to this list group on Fri, Apr 30, with the subject: Plant Bioinformatics Resources Workshop & Virtual Booth Exhibit at ASPB 2021 that has additional details.  I'm sure we'll have additional information to share as this process moves forward.
  • The AgBioData Consortium steering committee is working toward the adoption of a Code of Conduct (  We invite you to provide your thoughts and input on the content in this google document: before its adoption. With your browser in "suggesting mode", feel free to make changes or add comments as you wish.  If you have any questions or comments that you would rather not post in a public document but want to share, send an email to me at
    The commenting period will close at Noon CT on May 13th (next Wednesday).

    ** The Steering Committee is looking for one or two people that would serve as Ombudsperson to AgBioData community.  This could be a person outside of the organization that one could report inappropriate activity to the Steering Committee without engaging them directly if the need arises. It is expected that their services would be seldom needed or used. Contact me at if you or someone you know might be interested in this opportunity.
All the best, and I hope you have a safe and great weekend!

Darwin Campbell, AgBioData coordinator
on behalf of the AgBioData steering committee

Jacqueline Campbell
Ethalinda Cannon
Laurel Cooper
Lisa Harper
Sook Jung
Monica Poelchau
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